Our Ecology

  • We realize that if we want to inspire action, we've got to lead by example. So here at Clean Planet, we strive hard to reduce our impact on this planet in various aspects of our work. We've made a list to show you how.
  • We realize there's more we can and we hope this list keeps growing as we go along.
    Eco Design & Production
  • Over the years we've seen just how infectious and pervasive style can be. While some folks out there would write fashion off as frivolous, we've always considered it a great way to do some good for this planet.
  • When designing products our goal is to encourage reuse and repeat use. That's why we work hard to create designs, select fabrics and pick colours that are classic and long lasting. We do this so that our products never look dated and never go out of style.
  • And there's nothing that makes a product more long lasting than its quality. We take care select the best quality material and ensure high standards of stitching so that our customers can confidently use these products for ages to come.
  • We make sure our products are universal enough to fit both genders, suit all age-groups and work well with different kinds of style statements. We try to trim down our use of accessories like zippers and buttons in an effort to make our products more eco-friendly.
  • We do our best to reduce wastage during production. Our first prototypes are made with old newspaper so that there's more accuracy when creating actual product samples.
  • We encourage our customers to donate their Clean Planet products if and when they've moved on to others.
    Earth-friendly Packaging
  • Our tags are made with wood free paper and designed to be reused as bookmarks. Even the cords of our tags are made with natural fiber and not plastic.
  • Since all our POP material is made using mostly paper, cloth or stones, it's assured to be entirely bio-degradable and non-toxic.
  • We reuse almost all the packaging material we receive and only purchase new packaging when we haven't any left to recycle.
  • We never pack products individually, neither at the time of production nor at the point of supply. Plus all the packaging we send out is stamped to encourage reuse and recycle.
  • We also encourage our supply partners to reduce their use of packaging.
    A Greener Workplace
  • If you ever stepped into our office you'd find it buzzing with eco-minded worker bees. We're pretty finicky about switching off lights and appliances that aren't in use. We reuse old paper for making notes and try to print as little as possible. Of late, we've started making envelopes with old newspapers and magazines.
  • We've even recruited our support staff in the mission to make a cleaner planet. We've gifted them some of our products and explained to them the problems that our planet is currently facing.
  • Every now and then we step out into the neighbourhood to plant trees in the hopes that the trees will be nurtured and that the trend catches on.