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Compact Neo Tote

Neo Compact Tote Bag


Here's a tote that bends to your will! Our Compact Tote, in 100%, cotton folds up and out to match your load, style or mood. When opened out, this bag is perfect for daily use. Its expert stitching makes it strong and sturdy while its smart designs are ideal to flaunt. And if you have nothing more than pocket change on you, this tote folds up fashionably into an ingenious pouch that's delightfully easy to carry thanks to its smartly designed wristlet.

  • Size: 13" X 15"
  • Main Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Care: gentle hand wash, flat/line dry in shade, light iron .
  • Features: pouch to carry the folded tote, fine stitching and detailing, wristlet to carry the pouch.
  • Pouch size: 5.5" X 6.8"


available in a variety of smart designs in 100% Cotton.

How to fold your Compact Genius Tote…

Step 1: Keep the bag flat such that the pouch is facing downwards.
Step 2: Place straps on the bag body.
Steps 3 & 4: Bring the left and right parts to the center.
Steps 5 & 6: Bring the top and bottom parts to the center.
Steps 7 & 8: Fold once more to match the top and bottom and then slip the folded tote inside the pouch.

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