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This tote, with its impeccable inner finishing, is perfect for tree hugging teens and eco-conscious folks. Its delightfully lightweight fabric in 100% cotton keeps your books cozy while its nifty inner pockets hold your stationery and cell phones in place. The bag also comes with an elasticized band inside in which you can slide your water bottle or vegan shake. Its unusual silhouette gives it a neat and compact look. It’s contemporary style is outdone only by the uplifting messages printed across it. So you can proudly parade this tote, making more that just a style statement.

  • Size: 11”(width) x 17”(height)
  • Main Fabric: 100% cotton canvas
  • Combination: 100% cotton shirting
  • Care: Machine washable. Gentle hand wash recommended. Flat or line dry. Light iron. Do not iron directly on the print, shift elasticized band to the side while ironing.
  • Features: Inner pocket, elasticized water bottle holder, impeccable finishing.


Forest Black with smart black checks, Forest Black with zesty orange checks, Wood Brown with smart brown checks, Shell Cream with smart cream checks, each with 7 inspiring prints.

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