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Calling all superheroes

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

The rate at which we are generating, consuming and disposing a non-bio degradable substance aka Plastic – it would spawn a new kind of fictional hero or at least add a new task to already created fictional superheroes.

Circa 1990 – Superman/ Spiderman rescues the world from the bad guy(s)

In the future the super hero would not only be fighting evil folks . He / she would be swooping in on the Pacific garbage patch and similar heaps of non-biodegradable , earth polluting material and flinging them into outer space. All the superheroes would need to team up to clear up the plastic choking the planet.

The superheroes like Superman/Spiderman are fictional . The plastic on the planet is real . We need billions of people to become eco heros by making sustainable , responsible choices. At this point in time there is no answer in terms of solutions to bio degrade the plastic that is choking land and sea. The least we can do is to reduce the rate of addition to the pile.

Eco decor

Monday, May 24th, 2010

This afternoon we dressed up an indoor plant in the office with a piece of fabric . Cool way to enliven home and office decor. Besides being eco friendly this is incredibly versatile . The look of a space can be wonderfully altered just by the choice of fabric .

Try out your combinations and mail us pics.

Why use a cloth bag ?

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Why use a cloth bag when retailers recklessly and generously hand out plastic bags of varying sizes considering -

- Plastic Bags save you the effort of carrying a cloth / reusable bag with you.

- Plastic Bags can be used as bin liners

- Plastic bags can be used to store veggies in the refrigerator

- If the plastic bag is that of a fancy brand – you get to let your friends , colleagues , neighbors and all in visual range know that you are able to afford the fancy brand in question. Carrying it again and again establishes beyond doubt that you are a person that frequently buys that brand = you have taste + the financial resources to do so.

-Carrying multiple bags shows you’ve been shopping = you can afford it.

Why use a cloth bag ?

- There are innumerable everyday objects for which we don’t have easily available / alternatives to plastic – toothpaste , toothbrush , razor , primary food packaging (e.g oil , pulses , bread , biscuits), plastic water bottles , kitchen containers . These few items alone are enough for an average urban resident to be responsible for a hillock (if not mountain ) of plastic in his/her lifetime. At this point in time we don’t have easily alternatives (or even answers) for some of these everyday items that come in plastic. With a bag at least you have a CHOICE.

- Plastic does not bio-degrade . At least we won’t be alive to witness it . The plastic bag you use is going to hang around on the planet long after we are gone.

- Lives of birds , animals, marine life are threatened by the plastic remnants . They die due to ingestion of plastic . Those that survive undergo mutation . Would you like it if consequences of the thoughtless actions of another species affected your health and the duration of your life ?

- The plastic we throw away enters the food chain of human beings through animals , birds and marine life.

- We already have the challenge of dealing with depleting natural resources , pollution,  consequences of climate change, terrorism, poverty . From being stuck in the problem end of the equation we need to move to being part of the solution. Governments alone are not responsible for the state of the planet . All of mankind is . No government forces us to use plastic , to leave the tap open , to drive around pointlessly burning fuel , to not reach out to someone whose life we can impact .

The changes needed to make this a sustainable planet need us to participate . Not just by clicking answers on some internet poll. Participate by making tangible , consistent changes.

Your actions matter. Every action matters.

Clean Planet on Stylesight

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Global fashion portal Style Sight has featured Clean Planet in ‘Sites that Inspire’. Cool !

Manufacturing content

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Content..NOT as in content for a website or a blog . Content in the sense of feeling contented with what one has.

Just as the desires have been manufactured carefully and with much effort, we must manufacture content. In ourselves, and in society..

..Contentedness comes naturally, in the absence of manufactured desire. But getting back to that natural state might take some work.

The Clean Planet Manifesto

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

The inspiration for Clean Planet is the vision of a sustainable world . While designing the range we wanted to put together a collection of thoughts that resonate with the multi-faceted vision of Clean Planet and share it with the world.

The Clean Planet Manifesto is now one of the thought inspiring motifs of the Wise Tote .

Words enable worlds..

Carry your ideas..

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Most products come with a recommended wash care. Here’s a recommended list of contents to carry in your Clean Planet bag

In your Clean Planet bag do carry with you a note book , a bottle of water , a handkerchief and possibly a book to read…

In our harried urban lives most of us are unlikely to experience the luxury of vast tracts of time on a daily basis to nurture our ideas and dreams . What we do get is precious moments which if honored can foster creativity , originality , joy , satisfaction and meaningful action.

Clean Planet would not be what it is today if it were not for a notebook (now – notebooks) in which ideas were written for months. Ideas are like gentle birds that perch on a branch for a moment before they fly away. Write them down and follow your inspiration with action. There’s no limit to what you can create.

Believe , Dream , Create

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

‘Clean Planet’ is the outcome of a vision of a sustainable world . And the belief that we CAN through our sustained individual and collective action bring that world to life..

Welcome to the world of Clean Planet.