Daily Dump

Daily Dump – DIY composting at home / community / workplaces.

Brilliant initiative that started off with the vision and perseverance of Poonam Bir Kasturi . And has now expanded into various cities in India.

View the website in detail for the benefits of composting ranging from
- gardening
- reduced burden on public waste management system
- reduced usage of plastic (to throw wet waste)
- fuel savings
- employment generation
- cleaner cities

Next , composting of non-physical waste generated each day… unproductive thoughts , feelings , fears , stress, anger.

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2 Responses to “Daily Dump”

  1. Clean Planet says:

    A walk (rather sprint ) past a * stinking garbage pile should suffice to convince citizens to start composting !

    The irony is that the wet waste is biodegradable . The plastic in which is is thrown is not.

    * The stench comes from the wet waste in the garbage

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