Back from a walk in the area. The tree cover in the vicinity is wonderful . Trees possibly planted years ago line many parts of the road providing much needed succor in the sweltering summer . The sheer sight of lush green trees is an oasis in the midst of concrete buildings. The trees stand tall providing shelter , joy and reassurance . The trees in our office area are home to many birds . Though the day we hear varying sounds of the birds that inhabit them.

In the garden are trees that we planted as small saplings 2 years ago . When we were planting them there was a sense of impatience about seeing the full fledged trees . Nurturing plants teaches us beautifully that the rhythm of life cannot be hurried.

It’s a joy to see  Gulmohar trees in full bloom gently swaying in the wind with the sky as the background , mango trees full of mangoes , the venerable pipal..Trees are precious gifts.

Give yourself and the world a gift . Plant a tree.

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