How not to send a mailer

Got this mailer yesterday from a credit card company . The envelope paper was thick and sturdy enough for it to survive a round-the-world trip . It was however covered in a plastic bag and stapled .The plastic would be discarded by the recipient. The mailer was sent by courier . Which means it got collected , transported and delivered in fairly safe condition.

Mailer in plastic bag x several thousand mailers = sheer , avoidable , pointless waste

And this equation pertains to one marketing initiative of one company . When extended to various companies and industries the resulting number would be mind boggling .

If you are a marketer or your company sends such mailers – pl STOP . There are more effective , intelligent , earth friendly ways to reach out to your customers and prospects.

If you receive such mailers from companies – pl take a few mins to send an email asking them to stop using plastic pointlessly like this.

I’ll sign off now…to send an email to the credit card company.

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  1. Clean Planet says:

    The company that sent this mailer does not believe in putting out an email on their website . One has to call them , listen to 5 mins of recorded messages and options before getting someone on the phone. The representative I spoke to assured me that ‘ our management is very aware of environment issues’ and had no reply on being informed that the co is sending out mailers unnecessarily enclosed in plastic. They possibly don’t receive calls re such issues . One hopes they will take cognizance and switch to earth friendly ways to reach out to their customers.

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  3. I really appreciate what you write on here. I try and come back to it every day so keep up the good posts!

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