Make the most of your newspaper

What do you do after you have read the newspaper ?

1. Wrap gifts – no more hunting for gift wrapping paper . Neatly pack gifts in newspaper . Make a card with left over regular paper and pieces of cloth / use a flamboyant fabric to tie the unusual ensemble

2. Make envelopes from newspaper . Splash a bit of color . And voila – you have  envelopes that make you feel like writing letters.

3. Pens from newspaper (not possible perhaps to make at home )

4. Newspaper bags – use fabric strips to make the handles , color the bag , stencil messages on the bag

5. On days when you can’t get dried leaves – add newspaper shreds to your composting bin.

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16 Responses to “Make the most of your newspaper”

  1. Tripti says:

    Hey! this is quite an inspiring post. This innovative idea of recycled gift wraps is amazing and should be followed by all of us.
    At least this will reduce the usage of those fancy plastic based wrappers available in the market these days and also save paper which is used for gift wrapping and then thrown away immediately after use.

  2. Richa says:

    Really amazing…….. This is really great idea……. using to make bags and wrapping gifts in a beautiful imagination of your own….. really great
    This should really take place

  3. Nidhi says:

    This is a very creative and inspiring idea.
    I must say that of all the ‘Eco- Friendly’ blogs that I have visited so far, Clean Planet stands out to be my favorite. Hats off to the Team Clean Planet :) :)

  4. Clean Planet says:

    Thanks. Do resolve to use only newspaper or recycled material to wrap gifts. It’s immensely liberating , creative in addition to being cost and time efficient.

    The idea can be extended to using magazine papers , calenders , maps for gift wrapping . Some of them with glossy paper and lovely pics will be aesthetic .

    Many retail formats can easily adopt newspaper packaging of gifts coupled with earth friendly cards / bows / decorative material. Passion for environment coupled with creativity can yield interesting results :)

  5. Neha Gandhi says:

    this is so cool and a great inspiration for matsya,i have decided to reuse , reduce and recycle.your blog has very interesting and inspiring ideas which will save our planet. good work keep it up. our forests and wild life is so much in danger and we need to take some responsibility by contributing to small steps like these !

  6. Clean Planet says:

    The feedback to this post continues to pour in – on the blog and off the blog . Readers have been emailing and calling to share their ideas inspired by the post..

    In addition to trying the ideas shared in the post one of the readers has decided to make lamp shades and Diwali lanterns from newspaper . Wonderful idea !

    Pl do mail in pics of the ways in which you have creatively re-used newspaper . We’d be delighted to feature it on Clean Planet World.

  7. Clean Planet says:

    Today we used newspaper to pack contents in a carton :)

  8. Rahul Aithal says:


  9. Praseena says:

    this certainly has to be made fashionable…ultra cool, you guys!!!

  10. Joydeep says:

    In India we are recycling newspapers for decades. It is sold & used to make thongas that is used to make packets in which grocery is wrapped or Bhel-Puri is served.

  11. vijisuresh says:

    Lovely and inspiring idea to save mother earth!

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