If the ocean ain't happy..

There’s a tight and surprising link between the ocean’s health and ours, says marine biologist Stephen Palumbi. He shows how toxins at the bottom of the ocean food chain find their way into our bodies, with a shocking story of toxic contamination from a Japanese fish market. His work points a way forward for saving the oceans’ health — and humanity’s.

It seems that since we human beings live on land we take the oceans lightly. Not that we have demonstrated exceptional care of the land and it’s inhabitants.

Pl view the video . Share with friends .It’s appalling that dolphins in some parts of the world lose their first born to an unnecessarily pre-mature death due to the toxins in the female dolphin’s milk courtesy pollution. Would we human beings be ok to have such a fate thrust upon us due to the thoughtless actions of another species ?

As Stephen aptly summarises..the ocean pyramid connects to our own pyramid of life. It’s an ocean planet, and we think of ourselves terrestrial species. But the pyramid of life in the ocean and our own lives on land are intricately connected. And it’s only through having the ocean being healthy that we can remain healthy ourselves..

Pl resolve to make a contribution towards a cleaner planet which nurtures life of all species.

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