Write a letter…

At a restaurant noticed a stand with Mumbai themed postcards . It looks well stocked each time I’ve seen it . Either it’s being replenished efficiently or the off-take is less.

The restaurant had placed the post card rack on the floor + that area  has seriously dim lighting . Normally people don’t linger in the reception area of a restaurant.This possibly results in fewer people actually seeing the cards .

This sparked a whole series of  questions ……

- if the card rack was better positioned and visible – would people have taken the cards ? Having taken the card would they actually write a note and post it ?

- When was the last time you received a hand written letter ? How did you feel when you read it ?

- When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter ?

- Has the immediacy of email , sms , calls reduced the appeal of a hand written note ?

- An increasing number of urban residents possibly use a pen only to sign / write in a book which only they can decipher . I have known friends reluctant to write because they felt their handwriting is not good enough. Does a thought like that stop you from writing ?

- Are you more comfortable writing in a card that’s enclosed in an envelope visavis a post card ?

- Is convenience of buying stamps and posting letters a factor ?

- What else inspires or stops you from writing letters ?

Pl write in to share your feedback and letter related experiences…

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  1. GP says:

    Lovely thought , very inspiring . i would love to receive handwritten letters . i hope people start writing to me !! i will surely write letters . the thought itself is so full of life .

  2. Tripti says:

    Very true!!! This post reminds me many things.
    First of all this post card reminds me of something which i forgot :-G. (Oops…i’m sorry)
    Secondly,i agree with the fact that many people dont write due to bad hand writing ‘coz i’m one amongst them.I confess…

    Thirdly, it is definitely an important part of life which we all are missing now. Phone calls, messages, e-mails are definitely a mode of communication but they surely dont convey our emotions. Trust me frenz, try writing a letter to a loved one. You will surely come up with many such thoughts/emotions which we generally forget to share in our busy routine.


  3. Rahul Aithal says:

    I think one should keep writing. Letters, notes, cards, whatever. And if you are shy of your bad hand-writing then write a letter to yourself and post it. When you receive it, you will be amazed to find that you don’t feel bad at all seeing your hand-writing. ( I have done it )

  4. Arvind Kaul says:

    I am one who is still into hand written letters. The frequency has dwindled because of the convenience of other modes. But I still do use inland letters and post cards occasionally.

    The great thing about letters is that they can be preserved for ages. I have preserved the letters I received from my father as far back as in the late 70′s. Rereading them takes me down memory lane. Emails and smses get deleted or when the computer crashes one loses all the communication. Therefore, for letters and notes to loved and near and dear ones, I still sometimes pick up the pen and write, specially when I think they’ll need to reflect or enjoy rereading what I have written.

    The other day my wife was looking for an Airmail envelope. The shopkeepers did not quite understand what she was referring to. Inlands, postcards, aerogrammes have gone out of vogue!!

    • Clean Planet says:

      Wonderful that you continue to write letters . It’s a beautiful way to connect.

      Besides letter stationery it seems that many folks in Indian metros may not know where to buy stamps and where to post them.

  5. Clean Planet says:

    Elegant letter stationery is not easily available in Indian retail. That shouldn’t really pose a constraint for anyone keen to write. In fact it should spark off creative ideas.

    At times it seems like a chicken and egg situation. Do stores not stock letter stationery because of low demand ? Or has letter writing reduced because inspiring stationery is not easily available ?

    Write letters. And set forth ripples of joy in motion.

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