Clean Planet Scholarship

At Clean Planet we are committed to initiatives that support the creation of a sustainable world – eco initiatives , education support , skill building and employment opportunities. Our idea is not just monetary assistance but to bring our professional and personal abilities , our extended community to the endeavors.

Education is essential in the goal towards a more equitable , sustainable world. The lack of opportunity to education changes the course of millions of lives. Naturally , access to education changes the course of the person’s life . Education benefits not just the individual – but his/her family and community too.

We’re pleased to share the news about Clean Planet scholarship to support education and facilitate mentoring for children and adults.

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6 Responses to “Clean Planet Scholarship”

  1. Tripti says:

    Keep up the good work Clean Planet :)

    Our nation really needs support of such people.

  2. Subrata says:

    Where can we get more details about this scholarship?

  3. Anusha Pinto says:

    I would like to know details about this. You have my email ID :)

  4. Gananath says:

    Great idea. Can I get the details of the scholarship. I know some persons who may be suitable.

  5. Thankyou for this terrific post, I am glad I found this internet site on yahoo.

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