Drive happier

Nissan recently announced that some of their future models will spray Vit C on it’s occupants *. Guess Nissan is trying to make the car journey (for the users ) healthier , more comfortable . And to differentiate Nissan from it’s competition.

* your computer bag will be equally moisturized !

World over – more than better cars we need way better roads and public transport . The absence of which is adding to the car population of the planet.

It would be really great if vehicle companies start to use their clout and resources to improve road conditions / support citizen initiatives for better roads ( written from an Indian perspective ).

Undoubtedly the car journey these days is getting longer and more stressful . Millions of people spend precious minutes and hours each day in the confines of their vehicle. Nissan is spot on in the endeavor to improve the experience.

Here are somethings vehicle manufacturers , marketers can do….

- Offer small wind chimes that can be hung in the car . The sound of a delicate wind chime is soothing (the wind chime in my room is chiming it’s approval )

- Offer delicate aroma products suitable for a car . There are perfume dispensers for cars . But most of them are so strong that one needs to open the window to diffuse the smell ! Ideally the product should be(it definitely can be)  biodegradable .

- Create a mechanism where messages can flash on the screen of the music player / TV / special screen : Kindness , love , joy , action inspiring messages -

- Between now and the time you reach your destination – think of 3 good events that happened today

- In 1 min – think of 2 people who bring you immense joy. Acknowledge them for the gift of their presence

- In the next 2 hours do something to help another person without any expectation of a payback

- Remember to thank the universe for all the blessings

- Smile

- Make another person smile

- Don’t use plastic bags

…..the list could go on.

Why depend on car manufacturers to improve the journey ?  DIY .

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  1. vicky says:

    though some are funny some suggestions are to be taken note off

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