Awesome totes for awesome feedback

Wise folk counseled (euphemism for insisted ) that since this is the first time you guys are offering bags you must extend the opportunity. And we happily did..The offer is now extended to the 15th of Sep 2010 . By the stroke of midnight 15 stylish Clean Planet bags will be destined to the 15 lucky winners.

p.s – we’ve love the feedback that’s been pouring in. It’s such a delight to open the mail box every morning and see the wonderful mails. We run the risk of being addicted to doing this more often.

Share your feedback in words , images , sing a song , make a video . We’d love to hear what you have to say about Clean Planet.

And hey , join the Clean Planet Community on Face Book.

4 Responses to “Awesome totes for awesome feedback”

  1. Kavita Jhala says:

    When the world needs an answer
    To the most pressing problems.
    There is not much far to go
    For all the ideations
    emerge from the Bags!

  2. apper says:

    Thanks…..for the tote…it’s awesome….i got it yesterday..

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