Bag a cool Clean Planet bag

We’re in the mood for some serious flattery and honest feedback !

Tell us what you LOVE about Clean Planet.

Feedback may be posted here or on Clean Planet Facebook page or mailed to

On 7 Sep 2010 – 7 lucky winners will be rewarded with a cool Clean Planet bag.

p.s – multiple entries allowed….if you charm us twice you’ll still get 1 bag.

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3 Responses to “Bag a cool Clean Planet bag”

  1. Anusha Pinto says:

    I like:
    * The thought behind Clean Planet
    * The amount of time and effort put in for something that won’t even be mass produced
    * The integrity – researching on not just better designs (which serves a commercial purpose) but also fabrics (which is what makes it truly green)

    Feedback for the website:
    * While I love the look and feel, I am not aware of the pricing
    * I have to conclude myself that I should get in touch with you through the contact us page to place an order. You should make that obvious on every product display page
    * I can understand that adding a shopping cart, wish list etc. will make this more like an e-commerce site and probably you want to maintain the clean look and feel but you can put a facebook like button for “every product”

  2. apper says:

    Hey found abt ur site on facebook n fell in luv wid the idea,d dream…tht u’r trying to turn into reality…..The styling is chic plus stuff is mother earth friendly…Luv d colors…d fabric..
    DIY ideas r cool n i’m definitely going to try sm of them…
    do keep it up…………………..

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