You can help design a more sustainable world.

As designers, we influence both business strategy and consumer emotion, and this gives us a great opportunity to lead the movement away from a throwaway culture. We’re at the epicenter, where our leadership is not only appreciated but has become expected as a moral responsibility – both for ecology and economy. Though leading this change in mentality and behavior will take effort, it will not be difficult..

Thought inspiring article by Ravi Sawhney .

The opportunity for and responsibility of designers (and companies) to use design meaningfully to catalyze a cultural shift to a more sustainable world exists across industries – whether furniture , clothing , vehicles and bags !

At Clean Planet when we create bag styles – a key criterion for taking a style forward is whether the design has the potential to be enduring. Can this fit into a wearer’s attire and help him or her look stylish 2 , 3 or more years into the future ? The styles in our core ranges are evaluated rigorously for this aspect. In that sense , we see design as part of quality.

While designers have the responsibility and opportunity to lead us away from a throwaway culture – really speaking that opportunity and responsibility rests equally with every citizen of the planet. As citizens and customers we can choose to value enduring style and quality. And to reflect that in everyday choices. Don’t change the mobile phone every year , extend the life of your garments , furniture , gadgets by using them carefully ,maintaining them well , repair when necessary. When you finally decide to replace a product which is still usable – give it to someone instead of throwing it away or stashing it in the attic.

You can help design a more sustainable world.

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5 Responses to “You can help design a more sustainable world.”

  1. GP says:

    Love the ideology behind Clean Planet . Fantastic concept !!

  2. Arvind Kaul says:

    In your own way you have initiated a movement that I call as “Wage War on Waste (3W)”.

  3. Nidhi says:

    In this world of technology where within a blink of an eye the technology changes and we youngsters think of changing our cell phones and laptops every year, my dad is a perfect example! he has been using this compaq laptop for the past 8 years! and refuses to change it just because he thinks it will add to the landfill and moreover when still the laptop is in a working condition, why to buy a new product and waste money as well as exhaust resources!!
    I am proud of my dad :) and I thank him for instilling the same thoughts in me :)

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