Vintage clothing

This morning I pulled out a 4 year old black knit top..smiling at the memories of various occasions when I had worn it. It still looks new. Had a stray thought if it looks out of style. A concern put to rest by a young designer who has recently joined our team. She spontaneously said she loved it.

Set me thinking about vintage clothing. In a world of fast fashion a 4 year old garment possibly qualifies as vintage !:) There is an undeniable joy in wearing something over years . Each memory associated with it makes it increasingly special.

There is a definite merit in buying fewer , high quality items. Makes for more joyous wearing and definitely a more sustainable world.

Our hope for Clean Planet totes is that they stay on for years with the wearers . Circa winter 2020 – many wonderful folks across the planet dive into their wardrobe and pull out their warm totes (bought in 2010) to be their eco-companion for the season.

Amen !

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  1. gp says:

    very powerful thought .

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