Bag of the Year

We’re delighted to introduce ‘Bag of the Year’ by Clean Planet .

This is a super cool , functional , stylish , eco bag that helps you organize in style . The 2011 calendar is printed on both the outer faces of the bag. Hang it at home to plan your year . Store all incoming mail in it so that you never miss any mail. The stylish calendar doubles up as wall art that adds a dash of joy to any space. Carry the bag around when going shopping.

At the end of the year how do you part with a bag you’ve  grown to love ? You don’t !

Reverse the bag and use for years !:) There’s a cool message on the inside of the bag that inspires joy and reflection.


p.s – the pic above shows the 2 outer sides and 1 inner side of the same bag !:)

Interested to buy the ‘Bag of the Year’ ? Email us at

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10 Responses to “Bag of the Year”

  1. Arvind Kaul says:

    Great. I liked the idea that one doesn’t have to throw away the bag at the end of the year. One can reverse it and continue using it.

  2. Neha says:

    what a nice & a cool concept .please email me the price of this bag

  3. nandini says:

    pls send me the price of this bag & how to get it

  4. Lakshmi says:

    Amazing idea, as usual! What material are you using?

  5. Roshini Thomas says:

    Fabulous idea. Would be great for kids and adults alike. How can I purchase one?

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