Now the Mediterranean…

So far we’ve read about the Pacific Garbage patch . Now enormous amount of plastic has been found in the Mediterranean sea.

Some 250 billion microscopic pieces of plastic are floating in the Mediterranean Sea, creating a biological hazard that reverberates up the food chain, says research supported by green campaigners.
Micro-sized plastic is an enduring hazard because it becomes mixed with plankton, which is then eaten by small fish that are then eaten by larger predators, says Expedition MED.

We’ve long suspected that the reason for plastic debris in sea not being widely reported elsewhere (other than the Pacific ) is not due to the absence of plastic but due to it not being tested.

The planet is meant to be a nurturing space for life forms. Not a dump yard for non bio-degradable / toxic / life threatening junk.

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  1. gurpreet says:

    amazing eyeopening article !! Compels us to think and reflect on WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR PLANET ? i am dreading the testing reports of waterbodies in other parts of the world as well!

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