Impossible is nothing…

In the aftermath of the nuclear crisis, Japanese citizens have cooperated to help save electricity. In the process, they’ve reduced energy usage by 15% in Tokyo, one of the world’s most electric cities which is also one of most densely populated metros in the world.

It’s a concerted effort between the government , media , organizations and citizens. Massive in scale , complex to execute. Seemingly impossible to pull off. Yet , it has been done.

Japanese are bringing to the conservation drive a characteristic combination of national fervor, endurance, sloganeering, technology and social coercion. Read about it here.

One wonders if this is possible in other parts of the world ? Are citizens elsewhere equally willing to put collective well being over their individual comfort ?

In their own characteristic way Japanese citizens have shown that while no one can do everything. Every one can do a LOT.



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  2. gurpreet says:

    very inspiring article . i too wonder is this possible in any other part of the world !! I hope it is ……..

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