Satyamev Jayate

The first episode of the much awaited Satyamev Jayate aired today . The focus was female foeticide.

It’s one thing to read about female foeticide in newspapers and an entirely different experience to see women who have lived through the horrific experience of being forced to abort their unborn child narrate their experiences .It was inspiring to see each of the women fight the odds and bring up their daughters .

The program did a diligent job of exploring the issue from various perspectives , showing the consequences of female foeticide on the communities that practice it and the impact on the wider society by way of an unsafe environment for women. They made a valid point that for India to change – WE – the people of India – need to change. Legislation can only do so much. This atrocity exists in the substrate of a society that actively or passively allows families to get away with murder in the garb of tradition.

Let’s do what we can – at whatever scale we can . Each one of us can make a difference . Together we can make change .




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