India Kuch Kar

Littering is probably thought of as the unwritten Constitutional right in India. People from all strata of society – educated / uneducated – litter public spaces. The ridiculous expectation being that the civic authorities are to clean up the litter 24/7. No country can be clean if it’s citizens litter public spaces the way Indians do.

It’s a peculiar mind set where only one’s home is considered important . Residential building compounds also have litter thrown by residents from their kitchens , balconies. Public spaces beyond the building are fair game for disposing any kind of garbage . As a result – roads , footpaths , train tracks , stations , bus stands all are teeming with garbage. Even the countryside is not spared. Take a road trip through most parts of India – you’ll see the familiar sight of plastic bags , bottles , wrappers thoughtlessly tossed everywhere.

A Clean India is possible if WE – THE CITIZENS OF INDIA – choose to make it happen . Free of litter – India can be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

As responsible citizens lets create a country we can be proud of . Stop littering , stop others from littering .

India kuch kar !




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  1. Kanchan says:

    Hardly few understands this.

  2. nirav says:

    This is what my feelings………..જયારે પણ કોઈને આંગળી કરીએ ત્યારે ત્રણ આંગળી આપણી તરફ હોય છે……પ્રશ્ન અરીસાની સામે ઉભા રહીને પૂછવો જોઈએ કે હું ક્યાં છું……ડર વખતની જેમ જ આ વર્ષે પણ અમદાવાદમાં પાણી ભરાઈ જવાના ન્યુઝ સાંભળીને કે જોઈને દરેક જન સરકારને કોષવા લાગી કે સરકાર કરે છે શું….અને ઓપોઝીટ પાર્ટી વાળાને વાગોવવાનો મોકો મળી ગયો…….પરંતુ મારો પ્રશ્ન એ છે કે આપણે પ્લાસ્ટિકનો ઉપયોગ જાણે અજાણે એટલો બધો વધારી દીધો છે કે જેનો આપણને ધ્યાન પણ નથી………જયારે થોડી પેટપૂજા કરવી હોય તો વેફર્સ સૌથી પહેલા યાદ આવે પરંતુ વેફર્સ ખાઈને તેના પ્લાસ્ટીકને રોડ ઉપર જ ફેંકી કેટ હોઈએ છીએ……..આજ વેફર્સના પેકેટનું પ્લાસ્ટિક, ગુટકાનું પ્લાસ્ટિક, બીજા નાના વેન્ડર્સના પ્લાસ્ટીકનો કચરો પાણીના નિકાલ બરાબર થવા નથી દેતું…….કેમ કે પાણી કોઈપણ કચરાને પોતાના પ્રવાહમાં ખેચી શકે છે પરંતુ આ પ્લાસ્ટિક પાણીના પ્રવાહને રોકે છે…………

    આપણી દીવાસળીથી આગ પણ લાગી શકે છે………..ચાલો નક્કી કરીએ ક્યારેય આપણે પહેલા નહિ બનીએ અને ભલે કોઈ પહેલો બની ગયો હોય તો પણ ખોટી વાતમાં બીજો બનીને તેને અનુસરીસ નહિ……

  3. aakansh jain says:

    really a needy initiative by you , you have my full support !!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Aakansh..Do spread the word . This is a message that we need to share across India . You can make a strong contribution by printing the poster and sharing in your office / residential building/school/ college notice board .

      • Lee Chan says:

        Administrative has to do something. It is not the “Indian 1″ or “Indian 2″ or whomsoever is fault.
        I had been to India recently. Had a banana from roadside but could not find any bin to throw it. Had to carry Banana peel for close to 1 hr before could dispose it in bus stand. In our country we have bin every 10 to 15 meters so we do not have such issues.

  4. Manjusha says:

    Really appreciable!!!! you have full support:) will try to share as much as possible….

  5. Rounak Choudhary says:

    V should make a difference…
    Lets take a step…
    Call for youths and take an in-charge of an area or locality to keep it clean at any circumstances…
    Lets make a small step to make a big change…

  6. Rounak Choudhary says:

    V should make a difference…
    Lets take a step…
    Call for youths and take an in-charge of an area or locality to keep it clean at any circumstances…
    Lets take a small step to make a big change…

  7. Priyanka Bangera says:

    This need to spread nation wide. We all think that all road, buses, train and public places are owned by our forefathers and we can treat them the way we want and still we forget that this is not the way we keep our home which is actually owned by our fathers.lets not keep this intiative only on the social netwoking portal lets make it a nation wide movement.
    I AM IN

    • admin says:

      Thanks’re absolutely right . We don’t treat public spaces with a fraction of the respect we have for our homes.
      We’re sharing the message offline – on notice boards of offices / residential buildings / schools . There are messages on
      bins too !:)
      You can download , print and share the poster in various spaces . Also share with your friends and request them to do the


    we can change india awaring countrymen not to do this type of activity which they can’t repair.

  9. Mrs. Anagha Sahasrabuddhe says:

    Khup Chan Ahe . Pratyekane aplya Sarvajanik Ganapati chya thikani lau ya.
    Me Amchya ehte Building Madhe 3 wings ani Charkop Ganpati Mandal ethe aaj Laven.

  10. Atleast we have try to do smthng,For our green & clean planet.

  11. rahul sheth says:

    clen india healthy india

  12. Sushant says:

    well done!!! my best wishes & support!!!

  13. Richa Kaul says:

    I second your thoughts. I have been propagating this initiative among my friends for a very long time. I sincerely hope your initiative reaches mass awareness. I support you wholeheartedly.

  14. Hasmukh says:

    I am in. Just like to add, I visited Gujarat recently and found a massive improvement. But most part of India remains the same. Well done for starting the campaign.

  15. Rupali says:

    I was waiting outside a shop when I saw this young boy, maybe 3, standing with his mother,merrily sipping away from a juice tetrapack.The moment it was empty, he just flung it onto the floor. I waited for his mother to react but when she didnt, I sternly told the kid to pick it up and bin it. His jaw dropped…he had probably never been told to do what I had just asked him to do. He kept staring at me and I stared back till his mother sheepishly propelled him towards the carton. At which point, I walked away, hoping a lesson had been learnt!

  16. Govind says:

    I thought of doing something like a competition back in college. The goal would be to clean the city inviting all the nearby colleges. Competition would attract people and sponsors and publicity. In the end a good message like we did this much in a day, the rest is upto you. Instead of complaining start doing something. Anything would be nice to begin with.

    Mail me if you are upto something. I am totally interested.

  17. Sreejani Chatterjee says:

    If you put any one of these people who thinks littering is their constitutional right in US or other western country a drastically different behavior can be observed. It should be an interesting subject for psychological analysis to understand this basic Indian mentality of making our own room a nuisance. Thanks for being the first one to anti litter :)

  18. hiina says:

    sirf baate krne se ku6 nhi hoga.quick action for cleaning walls around colleges,schools, & Resi.Areas. in baroda.

  19. Ameya says:

    Hi, this is an issue i strongly believe in and advocate. The poster summarises what I have talking of for years now.. i believe its very strong and good initiative you have taken and I would like to be associated with this cause. Please let me know :)

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