Clean Planet at the TGPI Festival @ Juhu , Mumbai

TGPI festival

We’re delighted to be a part of the TGPI festival at Juhu , Mumbai starting today . A super eco , creative bringing together brands passionate about creating a sustainable world .

Visit the TGPI festival for loads of eco-goodies , organic food , music !

See you at the festival !



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  1. says:

    Over the last year Desiree has been setting up a “classroom” where she can share the things she has learned in her adventures.
    This is also a good place to put vegetables that you only pick once a year
    such as potatoes but in most houses, especially in the UK its also a good
    place to put your main vegetable bed as any properties with zones above this tend to
    have a lot more land to play with. This often turns into a burden or liability in terms of maintenance and aesthetics.

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