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DIY CD cover

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Few days ago we had to include a CD in a courier to a client . We normally buy the CD packs i.e without individual covers because the cover is normally plastic besides being rather uninspiring.

Inspiration and enthusiasm came together to create a CD cover from wood free paper . On which a print of the SoulQuest Tree was pasted on one side . The other side was adorned by a hand embroidered paisley. After seeing the end result we solemnly swear to always make customized CD covers.

This idea can be adapted creatively on a variety of packaging – envelopes , gift packs. You can paint them , use cut outs from magazines , add cloth cut to shapes , buttons , lace . A whole range of items in your home and office can be used for it.

Ingredients for DIY -

- desire to create something unique

- willingness to experiment

- imagination

- glue (hey you need something to stick the desire , willingness and imagination together )

- odds n ends

Do experiment n share your ideas with us.

Have a creative week-end

(via SoulQuest)