Plastic free magazines

It’s almost di rigueur these days for magazines (in Indian retail ) to be wrapped in plastic .

An alarmingly increasing number of magazines are choosing plastic…plastic that will remain on the face of the earth long after the magazine issue has been read and recycled. Ironically several of the magazines carry (from time to time ) articles on ‘how to save the planet’ urge readers to be ‘more eco-friendly’.

Not satisfied with 1 plastic bag some magazines have 2 bags per issue . One for the main magazine , one for the supplement. We’re guessing it’s to maximize revenue from the advertisers of the back cover of the magazine as well as the supplement.

It’s a case of short term gains entirely obliterating the larger issue of needless damage to the environment . The magazine industry is by no means the lone ranger in this regard. A whole host of companies and industries keep them ‘company’.

As readers and citizens of the earth – we should exercise the responsibility to write to magazines to eschew plastic . It’ll take a few minutes to send an email . Repeated messages from readers will eventually necessitate magazines to find alternative , earth friendly ways to transport the copies to retail.

Here’s a draft that you can adapt to write to your fav magazines that currently use plastic covers :

To Team ABC Magazine

I would feel a lot better about buying your magazine if you eliminate the plastic cover . As you possibly know the plastic is going to hang around on the planet long after you and me have moved on. It does not bother me if the copy in retail looks less than pristine. It bothers me immensely that it comes enclosed in a material that chokes our planet and poses risk to all species.

Let’s save the only place we call home – Planet Earth. I believe that while no one can do everything . Everyone can do something.

Regards ,

Eco-warrior (your name here )

p.s – I hope your magazine supports tree plantation in a systemic way to compensate for the paper used to print the issues.

Pl share the draft with your friends via email , Facebook , twitter . Take a few mins to email the message to your fav magazines that use plastic bags to pack every copy. Do so every month till you see plastic free copies in retail.

* The magazines in the pic are representative of the category . The problem is by no means limited to these specific magazines.

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