Eco kitchen

One reason why even fairly eco conscious folks buy / accept plastic bags is to be able to use them to stock vegetables in the refrigerator . The plastic bags are probably used for few days before being tossed out. Some stores stock nylon mesh bags . But those are :

- not easily available (in India )

- tend to make the vegetables dry

- not bio degradable

The eco alternative is to buy or make cloth bags from soft cotton fabric . In India most families would have old saris or dupattas made of soft cotton . Those can be stitched into cloth bags with a draw string . The bags can be used to store veggies . Having 10-12 bags ensures that you have enough bags to use . And a set to replace when you put one set to wash .

The benefits are :

- Our experience shows that the vegetables tend to stay fresh longer when stored in a cotton bag .

- Hygenic – the bags can be washed

Fringe benefit – the refrigerator looks a lot more colorful with cloth bags instead of insipid white /sheer plastic bags.

Make your kitchen eco friendlier by -

- Carrying a cloth bag when you go shopping

- Grow herbs , vegetables at home as much as possible

- Using kitchen water to nurture plants at home

- Composting wet waste

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