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Stop the water while using me

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Stop the water while using me – The message as the brand name  (soooo Clean Planet )

All products are made with organic and/or natural ingredients, packaged in biodegradable containers. The neat design of the package is a relief from the normal cosmetics which have reams of fine print and a rainbow of colors.

While we love the name what we like even more are the organic / natural ingredients and especially the biodegradable containers. Currently the plastic from cosmetic products is enough to turn the moon into a dump yard (of course after we’ve ensured that fate for planet earth ) . Biodegradable containers is a much needed idea for a whole range of products – cosmetics , food .

The story of cosmetics

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Pl watch this video and share with everyone you know.

Besides the problem of toxic chemicals there is the added factor that several products do not have the expiry date marked on them. The expiry date  is stamped on the packaging which naturally needs to be discarded . Lipsticks , eyeliners , mascaras etc don’t have the date of manufacture or the expiry date marked on them. This means that users are not only using products with toxic chemicals – some of them are past their expiry date adding to the health risks they pose to the users.

This def points to the need to create recreate sense of self , beauty which do not rely on toxic cocktails.